Rogue AntiSpyware Programs Category

Rogue anti-spyware programs are fake applications that are cleverly disguised to behave like legitimate spyware removal programs. Rogue anti-spyware programs are usually created by hackers with the sole purpose of rendering a sale for the rogue application. Many rogue anti-spyware programs use deceiving tactics to entice computer users to purchase the rogue anti-spyware program. In many cases computer users do not realize that they have downloaded or installed a fake anti-spyware program until after the sale has taken place. Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs are bogus applications that usually require an extra effort to completely uninstall or remove from your system. Computer infections such as Trojans are known to install rogue anti-spyware programs which do not remove parasites or justify the abnormally high cost of the full version.

Vista Security Cleaner Pro

Vista Security Cleaner Pro is a rogue security program developed to cheat PC users out of money and system resources. The Internet is dripping in fake programs and other types of malware. One wrong step, whether it is a click on an infectious link or landing on a booby-trapped webpage, and you could end up [...]

Vista Total Security 2013

Vista Total Security 2013 is a rogue security program being engineered by a polymorphic Trojan. This means this scam has three faces; Vista Total Security 2013, XP Total Security 2013 and Win 7 Total Security 2013. Dependent on the operating system being invaded, it will determine the face the victim will see on their screen. [...]

Win 7 Total Security 2013

Win 7 Total Security 2013 is NOT a legitimate Microsoft Windows product but rather a rogue security program. Without a stealth Internet security program, maneuvering the web will be like walking through an explosive landmine. One wrong step and kaboom! Your computer will be infected by Win 7 Total Security 2013 or another piece of [...]


Do not entertain the lies and marketing of SpyBlocker, a fake anti-spyware tool floating on the Internet in search of new victims to scam. The design and behavior of SpyBlocker not only mimics the basic rogue security model but also resembles newcomers Ultimate Scan, Clean Security, Ultimate Guard and Bogema Security. Researchers who tested these [...]

Windows Virtual Firewall

Windows Virtual Firewall is another rogue security program on the block of a crowded neighborhood of interfaces being engineered by a polymorphic Trojan. Polymorphic coding enables the Trojan to change its cover automatically (i.e. interface and file names) without human intervention in an effort to elude detection and removal continuously. Therefore, while today we are [...]

Keep Center Keeper

Keep Center Keeper is a rogue security program intended to attack poorly protected computer systems connected to the Internet. Unfortunately, Keep Center Keeper is neighbor to Live Essential Platinum and System Smart Security, Live Security Platinum, Antivirus Smart Protection, PC Security Guardian, Best Malware Protection, Smart Internet Protection 2012, Internet Security Essentials and an endless [...]

Windows Premium Defender

Windows Premium Defender is a fake Internet security tool, aka rogue security program, finding its way onto poorly protected computers running Microsoft Windows operating system platforms. Unfortunately, the Trojan operating Windows Premium Defender continues to escape total annihilation, and this is because it is using a polymorphic coding to switch up its file names without [...]

Antispyware Pro 2012

Antispyware Pro 2012 is the title or name of a fake anti-spyware tool propagating on the Internet in search of new victims to scam, take out their money and the legal use of their PC resources. Malware makers create rogue security programs off the design and behaviors of legitimate anti-malware tools and plant malicious files [...]

Windows Advanced Security Center

Windows Advanced Security Center may represent the fake screenshot and service associated with a running list of rogue security programs pestering the Internet looking for new victims to scam or Windows Advanced Security Center could also represent the rogue security program itself. Malware makers fashion many rogue security program models off of legitimate tools or [...]

Windows Pro Solutions

Windows Pro Solutions is a rogue security program used to dupe PC users out of hard earned money. Trojans engineer rogue security programs and the one behind Windows Pro Solutions uses polymorphic coding, allowing Windows Pro Solutions to alter its files and interface in an attempt to escape definition updates and removal. Today, the interface [...]