Policia Nacional de Uruguay Virus Description and Removal Instructions

Policia Nacional de Uruguay Virus Description (Scan your PC to Detect Policia Nacional de Uruguay Virus with SpyHunter)

Policia Nacional de Uruguay Virus is the interface torturing PC users in Uruguay by locking the computer screen and demanding a ransom for its release, a malware strategy also known as Ransomware. Policia Nacional de Uruguay Virus is tied to several police-themed presentations, such as FBI Moneypak Virus, EU Police Ransomware, Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware, The Firewall of the United States Ransomware, ICE Cyber Crimes Center Ransomware, Malta Police Association Virus and a long list of others.

Every malicious visual presentation has a director. The director of Policia Nacional de Uruguay Virus is the Police Trojan, a clever Trojan known to use tricks to gain entry. Whether you blindly clicked on an infectious link or attachment or landed unknowingly on a Web page setup to unload malware automatically, without a stealth scanning tool, the malicious download will not be blocked. After gaining deceptive entry, the Police Trojan quickly goes to work disarming weak defenses, locking up the screen and plastering up its demands:

Policia Nacional de Uruguay
¡ATENCIÓN! Su OP (ordenador) está bloqueado debido a al menos una de las razones especificadas siguientes.
Usted ha violado “el derecho de autor y los derechos conexos” (video, música, software) y ha utilizado de una manera illegal con la distribución de contenido los derechos de autor, infringiendo así el artículo 128 del Criminal Code de la República Oriental del Uruguay.
Las multas deben solamente ser pagodas durante 72 horas después de la infracción. Tan pronto como 72 horas transcurren, su posibilidad de pagar la multa sera expirada, así, un proceso penal sera automáticamente iniciado en su contra durante las próximas 72 horas!
El importe de la multa es de UYU $2,000 (Peso) o USD $100 (US Dólar).
Usted puede pagar esta multa por Ukash.

Whether you know Spanish or not, the message of most ransomware reads the same.

  1. The victim is being accused of having violated online laws, i.e. piracy, copyright infringement, etc.
  2. The violations are punishable by laws, thus the overuse of legal jargon and article or penal codes.
  3. A deal is being offered to avoid prosecution and possible jail time, if the victim pays $100 using a cash service card.
Just like the accusations are lies, so are the promises to unlock the system once the victim turns over the payment receipt or transaction code. If you pay the ransom, it is the same as throwing your money out the window since the suggested cash services, i.e. Ukash, Moneypak, etc., are anonymous and thus untraceable. Police Trojan is not your friend. Not only did the Policia Nacional de Uruguay Virus impersonate local authorities but also put in place block mechanisms to thwart removal. While you are being kept busy with the onscreen attack, Police Trojan is collecting data out the browser cache and on the hard drive to send it to a remote server. An unauthorized backdoor not only allows transmission of stolen data, but also will allow the download of more malware.

The adequate method for annihilating the Policia Nacional de Uruguay Virus is by finding and removing all the malicious elements engineering the program and attack. Unfortunately, finding the files and components may not be easy. Police Trojan uses obfuscation tricks to mask and bury its files, usually in the white listed areas where many scanners are not equipped to scan for fear of making a grave error. If you are not highly skilled editing the registry or white listed areas, you should seek the professional help of a stealth anti-malware that uses a mix of scanning techniques to search your entire system, including the white listed areas. Once the infection is removed and you regain control of your computer, you must put in place stronger safety measures or else face repeated attacks.

Automatically Detect Policia Nacional de Uruguay Virus

  1. Download SpyHunter* Scanner to Detect Policia Nacional de Uruguay Virus
  2. Run a full system scan to detect Vista Home Security 2012 files.
  3. Once you've detected Policia Nacional de Uruguay Virus on your PC, you will then need to purchase SpyHunter to start the removal process.
  4. Reboot your PC and rerun the scan for any remaining traces of Policia Nacional de Uruguay Virus.
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