‘You Have 48 Hours to Pay the Fine’ Ransomware Description and Removal Instructions

‘You Have 48 Hours to Pay the Fine’ Ransomware Description (Scan your PC to Detect ‘You Have 48 Hours to Pay the Fine’ Ransomware with SpyHunter)

So You Have 48 Hours to Pay The Fine? These are the threatening words of ransomware, a malicious program and strategy used to carry out a kidnapping of system control in demand of a ransom to be paid for its release. The interface carrying this message may be spoofing a legitimate legal entity or police force to make its threats more believable. However, locking of your computer screen is not the work of legal authorities but rather of Trojan RansomLock, a stealth and malicious program designed to deceive computer users and cheat them out of money. Most ransomware programs are the byproduct of a larger ransomware family, such as the FBI Moneypak Ransomware Virus, Reveton Ransomware family, Urausy family, Ukash Virus, etc. Trojans engineer ransomware presentations and are named Police Trojan, Trojan RansomLock, Trojan Ransom.Crypt, etc., indicating the ability to lock the computer as well as present an interface spoofing local or federal authorities. These Trojans are polymorphic in nature because they are able to switch the interface, so it reads in the language of the infected system.

After slipping past the firewall, Trojan RansomLock, for example, will quickly go to work setting up the attack. The infected system will be reconfigured, so the screen is locked and displays a scary interface with the title ‘You Have 48 Hours to Pay the Fine’ and accusing the victim of having indulged in illegal online acts punishable by law. The creators of the ‘You Have 48 Hours to Pay the Fine’ ransomware scam are hoping to scare you into submission and that you’ll rather pay ransom than go to jail or permanently lose valuable data. So what happens when you do not pay the ransom in 48 hours? The same thing that happens if you do pay within 48 hours – nothing! This means that whether you pay or not, your system will remain in a locked and unusable state. Cybercriminals are not as dumb as victims think. They are very familiar with store bought debit cards or cash card services, to the tune of millions annually. They know that store bought debit or cash payment cards are anonymous and untraceable. So do not waste your time or money playing games with the ‘You Have 48 Hours to Pay the Fine’ ransomware and Trojan RansomLock.

Just because your system is locked and you cannot use it does not mean Trojan Ransomlock or a hacker also is restricted. In fact, while you are busy dealing with the onscreen theatrics, Trojan Ransomlock is running a script to collect valuable data off your system to send to a remote server. A two-way port will be opened to both transfer stolen data and intercept the download of more malware, especially a backdoor that gives a hacker remote access and control. Many infected computers are part of a botnet and its resources used collectively in a DNS strike against targeted websites. Such strategies could cripple the infrastructure of governments and cause an economic collapse.

Not all anti-virus or anti-malware programs can fully recover your system after the ‘You Have 48 Hours to Pay the Fine’ ransomware attack short of wiping clean the hard drive and reloading the OS and applications, programs and games all over. This may not include recovery of your personal data, so hopefully you’ve backed up this valuable data. Manual removal attempts will be met with resistance. Therefore, we highly recommend the professional help of a stealth anti-malware solution already successful in combating aggressive malware schemes and able to counter obfuscation tricks that mask and bury malware in the root or whitelisted arena.

Automatically Detect ‘You Have 48 Hours to Pay the Fine’ Ransomware

  1. Download SpyHunter* Scanner to Detect ‘You Have 48 Hours to Pay the Fine’ Ransomware
  2. Run a full system scan to detect Vista Home Security 2012 files.
  3. Once you've detected ‘You Have 48 Hours to Pay the Fine’ Ransomware on your PC, you will then need to purchase SpyHunter to start the removal process.
  4. Reboot your PC and rerun the scan for any remaining traces of ‘You Have 48 Hours to Pay the Fine’ Ransomware.
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